from our left:


Brigantine Grant. The girl who likes the power of a boy, not afraid of her role. Worships October since the day they met, often overprotective.


October Ferguson. Peacemaker, willing to give up anything for peace. Empathic to a painful fault. Pretty, though some people (the enchanted traveller) sees her as breathtakingly beautiful, beyond humanity. Fowler the cop, Principal Markus and Casey for three.


Candice Abbott. Her friends call her Abby. Don't call her Candy, she hates it with a passion. Abby is beautiful, often drawing unwanted attention, which proves to be a problem.


Amaretto Stayman -- Her friends call her Apple. Why is obvious, but will be explained, or hinted at big time. Apple suffers with life, the only light she can see in her darkness is October and pot. "Pot," she said, "is better because it's not as addictive." We can guess Apple is bipolar, but she never has highs, only lows, like living in a rain storm without an umbrella.


Author’s note:


Edgewood is a fictional town in southern New Jersey, just east of Philadelphia, Pa. Allow me to stress fictional. I chose this location because the story needs to happen somewhere.

The first chapter here is a rough draft, subject to change. The story idea is complex, and I’ve had difficulty finding the place to start. Unlike my most recent books: Randy’s Diary, Unnatural Girl, Straw People and The Fire, Edgewood is a return to third person. And, unlike my most recent books, the story is not about one primary person.

First person is easy to start: the protagonist looks the reader in the eye and tells his or her story. Now, as the writer, I have to climb back in like in the Makaila Series. Anyway, here’s what I have so far.


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1 (rough draft)

We start out simply. We get to meet Detective Lindsay Fowler and Detective Robert Banner. Toward the end of the chapter, we get to brush against the main character.

2 (rough draft)

I may switch chapters 2 and 3 around. Again, toward the end of this chapter, we get to brush up against the main character.

3 (rough draft)

Now, we get to meet the host of main characters, with October Ferguson at the center of things.

4 (rough draft)

The opening of this chapter may be added to Chapter 3.

5 (rough draft)

We get to meet Richard Bly. We had a glimpse of him already.

6 (rough draft)

Richard Bly likes his haircut, arranges to buy pot and has a brush with October. October gets to meet Principal Markus and guidance councilor Randi Sconce.

7 (rough draft)

Randi Sconce and her life partner. Richard Bly gets his pot and stalks Apple.

8 (rough draft)

Who is Mr. Carpenter and what's up with George Howell?

9 (rough draft)

We learn some serious background on Apple and a secret she has. Casey seeks out Maynard, asking about October and Ribs. Richard Bly wants a pound from Rat.

10 (rough draft)

Why Brigantine? What happened in the mall that summer? Nard has eyes for Brig?

11 (rough draft)

October, the peacemaker, almost foiled 'date' with Casey and Apple gets a job, Abby scared by her dreams.

12 (rough draft)

Carol Ferguson is called to school with October, more Ockie and Case, Ockie discovers Apple’s new side job.

13 (rough draft)

Carol’s introduction to Ockie’s boyfriend does not go well. Apple’s a bit too candid with us, Sconce wife, Lark gets Markus’ scent and Apple’s first major drug sale does not go as planned.

14 (rough draft)

Ockie and Mom have a disagreement about soul mates, Apple has a plan to get out of trouble, Abby has a bad night, Ockie asks a favor and we meet Newton Poppy.

15 (rough draft)

Apple settles up with Ted Hunter, orders a couple of toys. Ockie meets Casey’s parents, Apple finds her antagonists in the yearbook and Brig is abducted.

16 (rough draft)

Ockie and Casey: the parent aftermath. Ockie has a stalker, and she learns about newspapers and pencils. Melody Lark returns from Texas. We discover Brigantine’s fate.

17 (rough draft)

Abby is sick again, Melody Lark turns story in with Newton Poppy, Richard Bly thinks he has a girlfriend, Brig is called to the office about her bruises, Ockie meets with Sconce and Fisher.

18 (rough draft)

Casey feels neglected, pushes a kid down, Apple to the rescue. Apple has a new marketing plan. Carol tells Ockie the truth, not for the faint of heart. Ockie catches up with Apple over Abby, Gluten, Casey and rehab.

19 (rough draft)

Ockie and Casey square off, Melody Lark discovers the video of Apple’s, Hank Grant has a few words for Fisher and Ockie, Apple and Candice talk about events.

20 (rough draft)

Casey and Ockie’s romance continues, Markus corners Ockie, and it’s Apple to the rescue. Lark and Sconce talk about Apple’s secret video. Markus does more stalking, Carol leaves for rehab and October has a babysitter.

21 (rough draft)

Apple gets worked over again, Carol comes home, Ockie meets the witch and Sconce squares of with Markus

22 (rough draft)

Ockie gets a new look, meets Uncle Jack, talks to Mom about Markus, meets Dad and has a run with her homeroom teacher. Fisher shows us a whole different side.

23 (rough draft)

Casey confronts his brother, goes to the city. Uncle Jack’s role with “Rat” Fowler. October and Randi have a long talk in the hall, Apple and Morgan go to visit Fowler in-house, Apple makes a new friend.

24 (rough draft)

Ockie meets with Abby’s mother; Nard gets a little grabby; Ockie has it out with Mom over the father she doesn’t have; Hank Grant has a proposal for Brig; at Ockie’s suggestion, Apple makes nice with Bly and Apple has dinner with Officer Kyle.

25 (rough draft)

Randi Sconce gets fired over her association with Sensations, Melody Lark gets an assignment from James Avery, Casey is getting a little creepy stalking October, Casey has a talk with his father and brother, Ockie asks Apple to do a news search.

26 (rough draft)

James Avery calls Newton Poppy on the carpet, gives her a new assignment. Apple has a little shock for Jillian Lauferty. Apple is called to the office, Fisher and Markus trying to make nice. Nard continues his romance with everyone, Lulu Delite tracks Apple down and Apple gives Uncle Jack an earful.

27 (rough draft)

After almost killing Jillian Lauferty, Apple stops by the hospital, running into her little brother, Mason. Brig’s not so hot on Nard and Brig tells Ockie about her father’s suggestion to take Fisher camping. Ockie takes time out for a milkshake with Casey, then visits Randi Sconce, meeting Lulu DeLite. Richard Bly wins the stalker award while Apple and Ockie talk things out.

28 (rough draft)

James Avery has a breakfast meeting with school board super, Ellington, Mr. Carpenter in attendance. Apple visits Howell in the office, Howell to talk about the suit, Apple to tempt Howell. Apple plays a prank on Fisher, Casey confronts Maynard about the kiss, Casey meets Detective Banner and Carol pulls October out of class.

29 (rough draft)

Banner and Fowler talk about Casey and Fisher, Ellington meets with Howell about Sconce, Apple comes up. Apple assesses Howell to Ockie, Apple and Ockie meet Abby’s new boyfriend. Apple talks to Fisher, makes plans for the weekend with Kyle and Abby talks to October about God.

30 (rough draft)

Ellington has a meeting with Randi Sconce, Brig and October bemoan changing relationships, Apple blows up at home over Beal not getting a beat down, leaves for a weekend down the shore.

31 (rough draft)

Robert Banner meets Richard Bly, Apple stands in the ocean and ponders periwinkles, Abby is raped, Casey checks out Markus’ house and Kyle has his way with Apple.

32 (rough draft)

Apple checks out the AC library, Jill reflects on life, Ockie, over her head, calls Apple. Apple tasks Kyle, hurries back from AC. Apple appears to be a witch, healing Abby.

33 (rough draft)

Carol asks Apple to leave, Apple and Brig have breakfast, Apple goes to church and Kyle gets the files.

34 (rough draft)

Kyle has the reports and makes nice, the four plus Carol and Casey have a late breakfast, Apple stops home to atone for her sins.

35 (rough draft)

Ockie has a conversation with Carpenter over Markus. Ellington goes to school, meets with Markus and Fisher, has a run in with Apple. Nard flirts with Ockie, Ockie discovers Abby did not speak with Nard concerning Christian. John McIntire greets Apple, maybe romance in the air. Abby gives up details to Apple.

36 (rough draft)

Penrose reports to Fowler about the church break in, Casey sets up Markus, Apple's aftermath with the second Kyle date, Apple meets Mr. Carpenter and Apple agrees to meet with Fowler

37 (rough draft)

Apple meets with Lindsay Fowler over Markus’ photo, Fowler arrests Markus for drugs, Casey calls Banner taking credit, October overhears the phone call. Casey and Ockie argue. George Howell lawyers for Markus, Banner sees Kyle in the hospital, takes Richard Bly into custody, Apple has a quiet date at the mall with McIntyre, runs into Jill. Banner makes a deal with Richard Bly, releases Richard Bly. Discovering the money missing from the lockbox, Richard has it out with his parents.

38 (rough draft)

Markus once again busts his move on Ockie and this time, Apple really busts it up. Apple is thrilled to learn she has her own wagons in the guise of John McIntyre, Apple talks to Abby and then Jill, finally catching up to Casey, expressing her displeasure with his plot against Markus.

39 (rough draft)

return to the day we started in chapter one: The Bank

40 (rough draft)

The bank aftermath, enter Cooper Applewhite with Arianna Sandalwood, Apple gets released, finds her house abandoned.

41 (rough draft)

Apple reunites with Abby and Brig at Casey’s funeral. October is still missing. Apple visits Richard Bly in the hospital.

42 (rough draft)

Going back in time, we get a bit of background on Arianna and Cooper.

43 (rough draft)

A month after the bank shooting

44 (rough draft)

Apple and Not-apple have their relationship deepen. Lindsay Fowler catches up to Apple, confirms the Banner connection in Casey's murder. Apple has a huge surprise for us, makes plans for the future. Fowler pushes Banner.

45 (rough draft)

Bob Little is a dick, but Brig is a bigger dick, putting him on his ass. Jill Lauferty and Apple bond even more, sharing stories. Apple makes nice with Candice, Candice off in the clouds with new friends. Apple goes to Philly to see George but he’s out of town, hires the firm anyway. Arianna Sandalwood has to fight off the drunk Cooper Applewhite. Brig has a heart-to-heart with Dad with mixed results. Brig has her date with Asher.

46 (rough draft)

Apple’s meeting with Smith, Smith and Howell continues. On her way home, Apple encounters Banner at Hunter’s. Instead of going back to her house, Apple goes to October’s, falling asleep on the October’s bed. Brigantine and Asher get all huggy poo. Sandalwood and Applewhite talk about the murder of Applewhite’s parents. Brigantine has a long talk with her brother, Luke.

47 (rough draft)

Apple has an encounter with Carpenter, with little news of October. George calls to touch base. Morgan is back, the reunion does not go well. Banner confronts Penrose. He has an offer. Sandalwood and Applewhite confer, decide to have a conversation with Apple.  

48 (rough draft)

Sandalwood and Applewhite hang with Apple. Brig calls with an apology. The meeting with Bill and Marie McIntyre does not go as planned. Lindsay Fowler with son Brian visit Fowler’s husband. Randi Sconce and Melody Lark talk of their private investigation into Markus

49 (rough draft)

Sandalwood drops Applewhite off, returns looking for Apple. Apple and Brig arrive for movie night at Abby’s. Abby’s not home. Apple plants the clock in Abby’s bedroom. Nard busts his move on Apple. Apple gives Brig October news. Abby comes home, throws Apple out. Sandalwoods picks up Apple, taking her back to Sandalwoods. Sandalwood offers to sign the paper the McIntire’s rejected. Sandalwood and Apple speak of Apple’s depression and pregnancy.

50 (rough draft)

Sandalwood and Apple bond. Banner confronts Fowler with obvious realities. Banner tells Fowler that Markus is being “cultivated.” Randi Sconce and Melody Lark have some disagreements over life, love and children, particularly Apple. Uncle Duke is not looking so good. John calls Apple at Sandalwoods with some good news. Granny will take Apple on the farm. Sandalwood gets Apple’s tell.

51 (rough draft)

Air catches up to Kael Bradshaw at the Crystal. Air goes to visit Coop in the city. Apple gives Sally a call. Abby surprises Brig at home. Apple make clear to Brig why Apple knows Abby is being drugged.

52 (rough draft)

With Air out all night, Apple is worried, yet explodes. Coop helps Apple get things from her house. Coop explains his and Air’s insanity. At school, Apple has a strange meeting with Markus and an even stranger meeting with Banner.

53 (rough draft)

Coop talks to Morgan, gets picked up by County. Apple has lunch with John, Brig and Abby. Air takes a road trip. Melody Lark takes a road trip.

54 (rough draft)

Apple visits Morgan in the hospital, learns that Coop was arrested. Apple calls Sally for help with Coop. Coop’s disappearance is dismissed. Air meets with Anna Cohn, girlfriend of one the dead brothers. Simon Beck talks to Kay about Coop getting hurt and the cover up. John asks Apple to Christmas on the farm.